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We work with a broad range of commercial clients, regularly advising on everything from small trade contracts to shareholder agreements and all aspects of corporate governance.

Commercial Law


Shareholder agreements



Build your business with sound foundations

A well prepared shareholders’ agreement can act as a crucial safeguard if circumstances in your business change or there is  a disagreement between partners.

Our team will work with your business to put this vital document in place. We can advise clients on what they need to consider for their particular business and how to create an agreement that stands the test of time.



Commercial contracts

Operating in NZ’s commercial environment can be complicated and contracts are a case in point – they are a crucial part of doing business but they can also be major headache when things go wrong.

We offer an extensive range of expert advice to help you negotiate, draft and review contracts that protect your business interests and let you get on with the actual work.

Our experience in this area means we have a sound understanding of the law as it applies to a wide range of industries.  We also take a practical approach so that what you end up with will actually run smoothly in the real world.


Terms of trade



How much protection does your business get from its terms of trade? We find that  many businesses put themselves needlessly at risk. The good news is it’s a simple process to put things right.

Taking in everything from warranties to late payments,  we will work through a comprehensive checklist so that you – and your customers - know exactly what they are buying and under what conditions.

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